Are You Ever Really Ready?

It takes a different kind of person to really be ready to lay it all out.  Seems easy to do on the fly or whim, but to sit down and think of what you want to say, that’s another story.

I hope to make a difference in the way vegans are treated in restaurants.   I’m not talking about special discounts or favoritism, although that would be nice.  I hope to add some perspective to establishments on how they can better serve and actually grow their business with people who enjoy a healthy plant based diet.

In addition, I hope to give the skinny on how I deal with eating out.  I am fortunate in that I do quite a bit of traveling throughout the United States and the world.  I hope to share some of my winners and help you avoid my losers.

Along the way I may just rant or bark at the moon because it feels good.  I might share some things that have helped me along and see if they might help you too.

Dalen Lawrence




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